AirFlare for Teams


Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless

- Author unknown

Peace of mind can now be both powerful and inexpensive. AirFlare is a new generation of safety technology, something everyone can afford and always have with them. That can make all the difference, since “life happens” when you least expect it, not when you planned ahead for it.


AirFlare doesn’t affect battery life, doesn’t need to be switched on, and never monitors you. It’s just there when you need it, ensuring you can be found when a concern arises. Car trouble, a traffic jam, unexpected detour, there’s a million ways the unexpected can happen.


Good teams care about their people and naturally want to be sure they’re safe. Get AirFlare today and offer your team a level of protection impossible until now!


Unique and powerful, AirFlare is unlike anything you've seen before


No extra device to buy

There when you need it

Won't forget to bring it or keep it charged

Works everywhere

Off-grid, be found from up to 900 m away (> ½ mile)

Easy to use

You already know how to to use your phone!


You're always in control, never monitored


Instant answers within cellular or WiFi. And if no response, you've now searched a huge area!

Two Options


Location Sharing


AirFlare comes built-in with the capability to become “friends” with family or colleagues, allowing them to request your location should they become concerned about your safety. It’s easy to setup and anyone can do it today.


This is a great solution for small groups. Anyone can connect with anyone else, everyone manages things for themselves.


AirFlare for Teams


Normally, only certified search teams can initiate a rescue on an AirFlare user. But with AirFlare for Teams, members of a group can opt-in to be searchable by their own team.


The benefit of this is centralization. Members only have to join a group once, not connect to multiple leaders or every other member. The team provides a license, which saves money and time for everyone. Sign up for packages of 50, 500, or more, at 40-80% off retail pricing!


In the future, additional options will be available to maximize transparency and trust on how AirFlare is used within the Team, adding flexibility for different kind of teams and organizations. AirFlare is always improving!