AirFlare Search Technology enables SAR Teams to detect a lost adventurer’s phone inside or outside of cellular service

A powerful new addition to the SAR toolbox, AirFlare Search Technology offers a quantum leap in search speed and efficiency, while significantly reducing cost and risk to personnel.

Why Airflare Search Technology



AirFlare Search Technology never blinks and sees through trees, foliage and other challenging terrain obstacles – enabling detection of lost adventurers who have gotten off trail, sought shelter or otherwise would be invisible to a passing search team.


AirFlare Search Technology sees where eyes can’t. On the ground this makes otherwise formidable terrain searchable. Mounted on a drone, AirFlare Search Technology can punch through heavy canopies where cameras and thermal imaging devices alone are limited. 


AirFlare Search Technology is easy to use and readily integrates with standard search protocols and procedures. Compact and lightweight design, configurable within minutes, and easily deployable without extensive technical training – AirFlare Search Technology enhances search effectiveness without sapping resource time and focus.


With features like Location Return, AirFlare Search Technology can often determine a lost subject’s GPS coordinates before a search team can be assembled. In the field, AirFlare Search Technology far outperforms detection ranges achievable by visual sight and sound check. Once detected, AirFlare Search Technology pulls GPS coordinates off the lost subject’s phone within seconds.


When the lost subject is an AirFlare subscriber, AirFlare Search Technology is configured to search for their specific phone, eliminating the possibility of a false detection. AirFlare Search Technology can also be configured to search for a lost subject’s phone who is not an AirFlare subscriber – making it an invaluable tool universally applicable on any search.


AirFlare Search Technology is free to search teams and is designed to minimally impact existing search protocols. The entire process from search initiation to configuration to deployment can be done in under two minutes. Additionally, AirFlare Search Technology can be deployed to teams not familiar with the technology and with minimal instruction. For teams on the ground and for drones in the air, AirFlare Search Technology is an extremely powerful set of tools with a very low deployment cost.

How AirFlare Works


AirFlare App

Transforms an adventurer’s mobile phone into a wilderness rescue beacon that provides search teams multiple ways to find them on and off grid. AirFlare adds no weight or bulk to a pack, works with limited or no cellular service, extends off-grid battery life to a week or longer and requires no user action to be searchable.

Query GPS Coordinates

When an AirFlare subscriber becomes the subject of a search, a notification is sent to their phone. If the phone is in cellular service it will return its exact GPS coordinates. When a Detector comes within range of the lost subject phone, the Detector instructs the lost subject’s phone to return its GPS coordinates to the search team.


About the size and weight of a deck of cards, AirFlare Detector is used by ground and aerial teams to detect the location of a lost adventurer’s phone. It fits nicely in a jacket pocket or in the top of a backpack, and is specifically designed to be transported in the air via drone. AirFlare Detector performs well through trees and foliage, enabling searchers to see where eyes can’t and often beyond the range of sound check. Once a detection is made, AirFlare Detector offers powerful tools to home in on the location of the lost subject.

Search by Foot or by Drone

AirFlare Search Technology is an extremely powerful second set of eyes designed to be deployed on ground and aerial teams with minimal disruption to existing search protocols. The ability to see through trees and foliage significantly increases probability of detection. When a Detector detects the lost subject’s phone, the searcher is alerted the subject is in the vicinity, and very often can retrieve the exact location of the lost subject’s phone.

Field Console

An app for search teams used to control AirFlare Search Technology.  Search teams use Field Console to ping the GPS coordinates of an AirFlare subscriber’s phone when they become the subject of a search, to configure AirFlare Detector to search for the lost subject’s phone in the field, and to determine the exact location of the lost subject’s phone once a detection is made.

GIS Software

AirFlare Search Technology integrates with common GIS platforms. Search results can be viewed in the field or shared to Incident Command with the push of a button from a searcher’s mobile device. Visualization and analysis of search results provides valuable insights to support ongoing mission planning.







Having just gone live this summer, we are still heavily engaged in product testing, shaping our technology roadmap and developing user guides and training material on the use of AirFlare and drone technologies for Search and Rescue. Feedback from the SAR community is invaluable as we engage in these activities, and we are actively seeking to expand our SAR partnerships as we move forward. If you are interested in working with us, or simply want to learn more about AirFlare, please contact us via the form below. Thank you in advance! We’re excited to work with you!