AirFlare is a Silicon Valley startup that aims to revolutionize outdoor safety by turning the only radio that almost everyone carries into the wilderness–the smartphone–into a uniquely powerful rescue tool. AirFlare’s innovative technology leverages the modern phone’s hardware into a rescue beacon that has powerful on- and off-grid modes–dramatically accelerating searches, improving outcomes, and keeping personnel safer in the process! The more people with AirFlare on their phones, the more lives that can be saved. You can help make this possible!

Locations provided to friends, family, and rescuers in the last week: 92

How Can I Help?


Want to be a part of the next big thing in Search and Rescue? Take your SAR dedication to the next level: become an AirFlare Operator! AirFlare is looking for passionate people to join a national team of Operators to help bring this cutting-edge technology to Search teams.

As an AirFlare Operator you would answer calls from SAR teams and state SAR coordinators to see how AirFlare might be able to assist on a live search. You may be asked to physically bring AirFlare technology to an Incident Command Post but, in your role as an AirFlare operator, you will not be required to be a field participant in active searches. A UAV and Part 107 license is expected as a proxy for the level of technology capability required to operate AirFlare, as well as your pre-existing role in SAR and capabilities you bring to bear on searches.

Become an AirFlare Operator


We’re now accepting applications for the first group of AirFlare Operators please review the following requirements and fill out the application below.

To be an Operator you must:

  • Be a member in good standing of recognized volunteer UAV SAR group, officially sanctioned SAR team, or professional SAR-related function (law enforcement, SAR coordinator/trainer, etc) 
  • Be 18+ and a current Part 107 pilot 
  • Pass a background check
  • Become familiar with AirFlare technology 
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and readiness regularly 
  • Respond reliably to your area’s SAR teams’ requests