This digital marketing packet contains an assortment of example creatives that can be customized to your resort. Please review these assets. As a first step, we’ll set up a call with your marketing team, and seek your guidance in determining the best mechanisms to connect with your customer base. Then we’ll work with you to match those mechanisms with the creatives that will best resonate. We will also print and ship these materials to your resort from one of our printing vendors.

A full list of the various mechanisms employed to promote AirFlare to resort guests can be found below. You can click on the image thumbnail for a full view, or on the link below it to visit that section of the page which contains further information and examples.



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During our launch last season, our Digital Marketing efforts yielded the most success. We also believe these types of efforts will be easiest with social distancing and COVID-19 safety protocols this year. So far, our digital efforts have included:

Including AirFlare as a part of the resort’s Snow Safety webpage

Adding AirFlare to automated confirmation email templates

Distributing email blasts to season pass holders and targeted email marketing lists

Posting through both the Resort’s and AirFlare’s Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Social Media Post Examples

Click on the thumbnail to see a full size screen capture of the original post

Dedicated Email Examples and Verbage

Partner Webpage Examples

Click on the thumbnail to see a full size screen capture of the original webpage



The presence of printed materials displayed and distributed throughout the resort has worked well to spark interest, create impressions and start conversations. The following are printed materials we can customize to your resort upon receiving a high-res logo and image files. We would also love the opportunity to create new visual displays to further AirFlare’s reach within the Resort and make it a useful technology for Patrol. We will continue to brainstorm and offer new ideas and would love to hear any ideas for physical materials you would like to see. We can print and ship all approved flyers and handouts to your team.

5″x7″ Flyers

These flyers are great for smaller displays. We have had resorts use these flyers in flip menus at their Café’s and Restaurants.

11″x17″ Flyers

These flyers can be hung in areas where there is more space for display such as on doors and walls – for example in the resort gift shop, at ticket and ski rental lines and in bathroom stalls.

Ticket Handouts

To further exposure to first time customers and non-pass holders we can print informative bookmark sized handouts to be given to guests who purchase day passes or lift tickets at the ticket counter.

Guest Interaction Cards

Provide guest-facing staff a card they can choose to keep in their pocket and hand to a guest if they are asked about AirFlare.

Metal Outdoor Signs

If, where and as allowed, the presence of metal signs at various locations on the mountain (Patrol office, lift poles, information kiosks) can help gain exposure and further tie AirFlare technology to Patrol’s safety efforts. We currently have resorts using these signs at high traffic junctions, and they can be built for temporary or permanent installation based on your individual needs.

Lift Pole Signs



AirFlare assets for your marketing team (logos, fonts, colors, images) can be found HERE
If your marketing team would like to engage in the creatives design themselves we can also provide all of the AI files for these examples upon request.