AirFlare is a lot like a helmet. It’s easy to have with you and, if you end up needing it, you’ll be really glad you had it

Bern, AirFlare and Mountain Sports Club are teaming up this winter to provide riders with an ultimate package. Now, with the purchase of any of Bern’s three winter favorites (The Winter Macon 2.0, Winter Watts or Camino*), you will receive a FREE lifetime AirFlare Subscription.

We are proud to partner with Bern because we love their helmets, are proud to add another level of safety, and have a connection with their independent story.

Read more about this partnership on Bern Helmet’s Website.

Bern is proud to be partnering with AirFlare and MSC, bringing an ultimate winter experience to our riders.

With this added value, both new and experienced outdoor adventurers can look forward to having a safe and inspiring winter season, keep exploring new environments, and do so with the safest equipment. 2020 may have brought a whole new set of challenges but staying active in the outdoors is something everyone should have access to, along with the peace of mind that they will be protected. Purchase your qualifying helmet below!

*Program is only offered within the United States with purchase of a Bern Winter Macon 2.0, Winter Watts, or Camino Helmet.